Sycamore Tree

let me tell you a story……….

their is a story in the bible about a man named zaccheus. The story goes that was a small man that was part of the crowd around Jesus. He wanted to see who this Jesus was bt he was too short (he was a wee little man).
He saw a sycamore tree and he decided to climb it and get a better view of Jesus.
When I think of this story and any other story that I hear, I try to put myself in it. I try to see the character in the story that i am or the one i should be. Which character am i, and what should i be?

1. character #1 (Crowd)
Are we just part of the crowd? Are we just going through the motions? Are we not stepping out? Do we just agree with everyone and not have an opinion of our own? Many of us are justpart of the crowd. We just try to blend in. Go where the crowd is going. Is this us?

2. character #2 (Zaccheus)
He was very smart. He decided to leave the crowd and see Jesus for himself. He was tired of following the crowd, he wanted to see Jesus for himself. He wanted to go past the norm. He wanted a better view. He knew his limititations (too short), but he did not allow that to hold him back. He was going to see Jesus no matter what.

3. character #3 (Jesus)
I believe that many of us have a Savior complex. We have heard so much to be like lJesus that we actually start thinking that we are Jesus. We think that people need us to be saved. That we are the ones that save, that we have as big as a heart as Jesus. That without us people will be lossed.
Not to bring confusion, but it says in the Bible that you have the character of Christ, not be be Christ. We are to help others find Christ, not us.
Here is an example. When I look back on my dating life before I got married, I realize this; I have led more people to myself then I have to Jesus. I pointed girls towards me and made them look to me. I led more people to Jarvis then I did to Jesus.
We need to realize that He is the answer. We are not. He wants people in heaven more then we do. We are saved by him. We do not save anyone, He does. We are tools in His hands. We need to remember that its Jesus that saves, rescues, delivers, heals, mends, restores, and that we are used for His purpose, not God being used for our purpose.

I look at all these characters and wonder where I am at. Then I wonder who God needs me to be? To answer that, we need to look at one more character…
4. character #4 (sycamore tree)
What was the purpose of the sycamore tree in this story? Its purpose was to elavate Zacheus higher to see Jesus better. It was planted to help others see Jesus in a better way. We are sycamore trees. We are here to help others see Jesus in a better. Give others a better view of Jesus. To see a loving Jesus that is healing others in the crowd. You may feel walked on, climbed, stepped on, but know this, you are being used to help others see Jesus better. May others see Jesus better because of us. May they see a loving father beacuse you help elevate them to see Jesus. We are not the Savior, we are not Jesus,we are here to help others see him.
Lord make me strong enough to hold up the people trying to get a better view of you. May they look to you, the one that saves, not to me, the one who supports.


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