As I begin to write I am 30 years and I am almost five years into my first time full time ministry job. I am a youth pastor of the best youth group in the country; not because I am in charge of it but because the students are so great. As I begin to write I wonder where this book is going. I ask myself questions like, “Is it going to be a purity book that’s going to make you question where is my heart?” Is it a book that’s going to ask the questions of why we do what we do? Is it going to be a book that will bring out the real me so I can see the real HIM? The answer is yes. Then again I am postmodern and I have the right to do that (that’s kind of joke).

I write because I am young and if my thoughts are wrong then I have the excuse of saying that I am young and naïve and that I do not know better. I want to write this because I am young and I am still asking the “why’s”. I still wonder why we do what we do and who we are. I feel the older that I get, the more I stop asking the questions and start giving answers. I always want to be in awe of wonder. It also easier to give answers then it is to ask the questions. In this book I am not going to give you the answers to the questions, but hopefully help jump start your wonder so you can start asking the questions. That we may again stand in awe and wonder of who HE is.

I believe that in life, many of the things that we think, say, and do are because of insecurities of how we see ourselves. We live lies, and these lies have become our security (which is our insecurity). We need to ask ourselves the hard questions like ‘why we do what we do?”

This book may feel like it goes all over but I thought to myself this, “If I am going to write a book, I better write a book like it’s the only one I will ever write.” So this is it. My first and last one (like my wife).

Please free to put yourself into the pages. To explore your own heart and mind. When you read, pull the pride out and become real. Look inside and look into the mirror. Do not be reading and thinking of all the people that you are going to loan this book out to because it’s for them. Read it for yourself.

Look into the mirror before you start to read, stare at your reflection. Then do it again after you finish the book, hopefully what you see at the end is Jesus, even if it’s through broken glass. Just to see HIM dimly is my prayer.

Let us begin the journey together.


One Response to “introduction”

  1. Emma K Says:

    this is kind of like the book I have been working on. It sounds great!


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