“You Can Be Everything God Wants You To Be” Book Review

I got this book in the mail this morning and I started reading it after church and I finished it by late afternoon (That’s not saying I am fast reader but its saying that the book is really small). This book is what you would call a “nightstand” book or a “bathroom reader”. It’s a short book that’s really easy to read. The book I thought was ok, not great. The book seems not be designed to challenge you but to inspire you which is good. The Idea and premise behind it is to help you to be ‘You’. To be the best you created. That you were created to be you! I like the idea and the wording of the YOU-nique concept. I really enjoyed the scriptures that were used and also the best part of the book I thought was the stories. The Stories were very encouraging and as a pastor I am able to use those for sure. The inspiration of the book is to encourage you to be you. You are the only you created. It’s Gods will for you to be you. eNot to be a copy. Live your life, or it won’t be lived. We need you to be you.  This is a great book for a casual reader or even for a gift for graduation.


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