Lead like ike

“Lead Like Ike” by Geoff Loftus

I was actually really nervous to get this book. On one point I thought it looked very interesting because of the leadership ideas, but on the other point I thought that it could get boring really fast. I was kind of right on both point. It was really good with leadership ideas and mindsets. It was amazing how Ike was in charge of so much on the hardest day to make decisions and what his thought pattern was. It makes my decisions on my leadership team less important. The Author does a really good job of taking these decisions and how Ike made them and making them simple for any business or leadership position. If you love to read about history and war then this is also a great book. I don’t mind reading history books but they are not my favorite and I just thought it took a lot of stories to get to the point that it was trying to make. I thought the stories did help solidify the point. It’s a great casual read but not a good book for speed reading. If you love to read about leadership, history, and war then this is a great book to read. I loved the points of leadership in this book but it just a little bit to get to them; I would love to see a paraphrased edition. I loved the fact that I learned more about war and the frontline of battle. I will buy it as a gift for a few family members who love war books.


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