Same Kind of different

“Same kind of Different”

By Ron hall and Denver Moore

What a great book. I started it and finished it so fast. I was excited when I got it in the mail because a few people said that they read it and loved it so I had to give it a try. The book was really good. I was a little confused in the beginning while I was reading it because of the two story lines going on at once, but after a few chapters and getting to know the characters it ended up being an simple read. I was very challenged and inspired by hearing of all the stories about how he grew up in the harsh conditions and about all the things he learned along the path. I was also inspired by the family that reached out and took a chance on someone. That in the midst of tragedy that they still thought of others more then themselves. I was challenged and since I finished reading the book I have recommended it to others and loaned it out. I highly recommend this book for a Christmas gift for anyone. It will help your persepective and also want to help others. Read it.


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