Chasm by Randy Alcorn

I just finished reading the book Chasm by randy Alcorn. I first want to open up by saying I have really enjoyed his other books that he wrote. I have about several others and I have enjoyed each of them, but this book I had a really hard time with. I am not sure I was expecting something different or if it was just written different. I could not really understand or get into the characters. There was just so many different characters and people coming and going at first. I respect and enjoy what he tried to do with the story (parallel to Jesus), but I feel like I have read better ways to describe it. I kept thinking the way CS Lewis describes it in “Lion Witch and Wardrobe” and how much more I enjoyed that. I would not say it was a complete waste, because there were a few things in there that I enjoyed reading. I liked toward the ending how he was able to talk to the Woodsman. I liked this comment from the Woodsman, “At moments Charis will seem close to you; sometimes it will seem impossibly far. But as you walk the red road, at every day’s end you’ll be one day closer to Charis. One day closer to me. One day closer to home.” I really enjoyed that thought.


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