“Reggie” by reggie dabbs


by Reggie Dabbs and John Driver


I finished reading this book a week ago and I really liked it. I am a youth pastor and a very big fan of Reggie Dabbs. I have heard him speak many times and have heard his personal story a few times, but this book takes it so much deeper.  I love how honest, real, and entertaining this book is. Its just like Reggies character to make difficult situations feel a little lighthearted.  I love it that he shared so much about his past and how it affects him today. His story is a story of inspiration and courage.

He made many points in the book that made me think.  I love what he says in this book a few times, “You cannot change your past, but you can face it.” I love that. That we cannot ignore it, but we can take it and learn from it”.

I also loved what he said about discovery truth.  ‘We are not a quest to create new truth. We are on a quest to discover the truth.  The new world has always been there, yet it has remained hidden from our sight.” He explained this bys using Columbus as an illustration. How North America was always here, it just needed to be discovered. I love that. We are in the process of discovering what truth really is. We are all seeking it out.

I really enjoyed this book. It was an easy read with many nuggets of truth and also challenging topics. Reggie inspires you to love others and to seek the down and out. I love his heart and his inspiration. I recommend anyone to read it.



One Response to ““Reggie” by reggie dabbs”

  1. Jorie L Says:

    Reggie was at our school last year and was great!

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