Unleashed byErwin McManus

I got this book in the mail and started reading and was disappointed in that fact that it was the same book he wrote previous (that I have already read), just re released under a different name. I still like the book but just a little disappointed that I already read it. I was hoping for a new one from him (like a series or somethings). I love how the book opens with the illustration of Robert The Bruce and carrying the heart of the king. Thats a great visual of having Gods heart.

Erwin McManus says that Christianity has become too civilized. He rejects the belief that “Jesus died and rose from the dead so that you can live a life of endless comfort, security, and indulgence,” and he says that it’s his “mission to destroy the influence of the Christian cliché, ‘The safest place to be is in the center of the will of God.’”

Following Jesus is not about safety or security. McManus points out that John the Baptist lost his head while in the center of God’s will. “We look to Jesus not to fulfill our shallow longings or to provide for us creature comforts. We look to Him to lead us where He needs us most and where we can accomplish the most good.”

McManus calls Christians to reject conformity and security, and to embrace what he calls the barbarian way, which is “about love expressed through sacrifice and servant hood.” Like early followers of Christ—John the Baptist, Peter, and Paul—we “are called to a path filled with uncertainty, mystery, and risk.”

I love the idea that there is more to live for then just being happy. Jesus did not die for us to just be happy. He died for more then that. I love the idea of living as a believer needs to be about sacrifice. This book is a good book and will help you to be stretched in your thinking.


One Response to “Unleashed byErwin McManus”

  1. njaroundtheworld Says:

    What was the old title? Just Curious.

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