Enemies of the Heart-Andy Stanley

What a great book. I was really surprised by this read. I will start by saying that I was disappointed when I first saw that this book was re-written with a new title and cover. I actually own the previous version of it and i did not read much of it. I had a hard time reading it, but now (because I am at a different point in my life) I really got into it. It really challenged me and at times convicted me. I am a youth pastor at a church and I have recommended this book to many people in our congregation. I feel like the book gets past all the surface feelings and gets right to the heart of why we think a certain way and why we feel that way. The book deals with 4 areas of the heart that we all deal with.


Guilt means that “I owe you.” There is no happiness in guilt. No joyful service, no smile.


Anger means that “you owe me.” You didn’t give me what I deserve! (Whatever exactly that might be!) Herein lies the heart of a grudge.


Greed means that “I owe me.” What’s mine is mine–because I’ve earned it–and this is only the beginning. Greedy people worry, don’t share, and don’t give. But Greed isn’t a financial issue; it is a heart issue. Greed demands security.


Jealousy means that “God owes me.” How dare you have what I can’t? It isn’t “fair” that you’re smarter, better equipped, or more successful than I am, because God owes me just as good or better!


Really good book. Highly think you should read it with an open heart. We all need to deal with our heart issues. Our buried issues.


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