The Quotable Rogue

“The Quotable rogue”

THe Ideas of Sarah Palin in her own words.

I got this book for me and my wife to read because we find Sarah Palin very intriguing. My wife read her biography and she really liked it so I thought I would give this a shot. I did not investigate this book enough when I got it. I thought it would have stories and interesting insights into her life. The only thing this book has is her words. what she has said over the years. The Chapters are the topic and the rest is just quotes of Sarah Palin. I am not saying it was bad, I was just surprised. I was surprised that its a book full of quotes. On a positive note, I do think the book was well done and put together well.

I just finished it and thought to myself, “I could have written this book; just writing down someone elses quotes”.

Might have been my fault about not researching the book very well before I got it.  If you love, love, love, Sarah Palin then I would recommend to you but if you are a casual fan like me, its ok…..

Read her biography instead…


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