dark and light

What a interesting book. I started this book at 10:30pm on friday and I had the book finished in 24 hours. I was really into it. The book was really intense. Its about a man who gets caught up in satan worship and his life and his heart becomes totally dark. He makes bad choices and lives with deep dark thoughts. He goes into detail about going into the darkness and being part of the rituals. What I found amazing about the book is how God always pursued him. He did not give up on him. God was relentless in His pursuit of his life. He put lots of people in his way to show him His love.

Not to spoil the book (spoiler alert), but I was amazed about how Satan gave him a mission to murder a pastor. As a pastor, i find this to be a crazy thought. That satan wants to take out Gods people. If he cant destroy him with character issues, and sin, then he will give others missions of harm. I also find it amazing how the author had a change of heart. That God totally transformed His heart and life. He became new. That he is now using his story to show others the light.

Great book to read and to share. Great redemption story


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