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Billy Graham “Nearing Home”

January 5, 2012


What a great perspective book. Billy Graham writes this book in such a way that only a few men like him could. He wants write this not as proclaiming or bragging about his own accomplishments but rather bragging and giving glory to the Lord. I loved the timeless truths and the nuggets of info that puts into this peice. I also love the legacy he is trying to leave with the reader. He is wanting to share not just the things he did right but also the mistakes along the way. Someone once said, “Life is too short to make all your own mistakes; learn from others.”

As I read this i felt like i was sitting with my own grandpa before he went to be with the Lord and listened to everything that he spoke to us. He (like Billy Graham) had the right persepctive when the end of your life came close. Not one of sorrow but one of triumph. The way that they shared made your want to share and live life more then before.

This book is great because it just reminds us of what is important. What matters when the end comes. “I have learned in whatever state I am in to be content”. phil 4;11

“The Measure of a life is not its duration but its donation”-Corrie Ten Boom

The Chapter that challenged me the most in the book was found on page 47. “Keep your mind and your body occupied; dont give laziness or boredom a chance to take root in your soul. The devil delights in someone who is idle or bored; he knows it leads to temptation or discouragement.”

Stay focus and occupied. Enjoy reading this book. I did…




“Relentless” John Bevere

January 5, 2012


I finished this book a few months ago. I went through a time of recovery after surgery and I was reading a lot of books. I read about 10 books in two weeks and this was one of the books that I read during that. I read some really good and surprising books during that time and this was the one that I dont remember very well. Not that I liked it the least, but the other books made me think more and challenged me more. As I look through my copy I see some highlighted parts but not a lot. I usually like his books and am challenged by them but this seem just okay. Not bad, not great. I had to look over it to remember what I read. I did like the part about pride, humility and having false humility. I also liked the theme of the book to pursue the right thing. Not just the statis quo but to not give up and pursue what God has for you. To e determined and to be focused on what He has called us to do. 

I loved this chapter on page 42 that talked about what the enemy fears. “The enemy doesn’t fear us having nice buildings, published books, large gatherings, television programs, or satellite boradcasts as long as long as we are ignorant of the amazing power available to us. What the dark forces fear is that believers will discover the power available to us. What the dark forces fear is that believers will discover the power that has freely been placed in us and, subsequently the ability we have to boldly, creativly change society as Jesus did. They fear us taking our place as rulers in this life.”

Really powerful statement that was in the book that reminded me of is available. I heard a while ago “Someday, somebody will pick up the Bible and believe it and embarrass the rest of us.”

I should re look of the book more and get a better perspective of the book. Check it out and see what you think.