training to be a follower…

(Short history of me) I have been a youth leader for a long time and I have been working with leadership structures for a long time. I have attended lots of leadership conferences and I have read many books on leadership (John Maxwell, and many others—which I all love still). With all that I have learned about leadership; I have to admit…this book was really refreshing. I loved the premise behind this book, “It’s never been about leading, it’s been about following Jesus”. I love that. The book emphasizes the point that to be a true leaders you must learn to be a true follower. We are called to Follow Christ. Like Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ”. It’s not about leading people to Him but let our life be the example; about becoming a true follower. Its not about God following my plan but me following His plan. I love how he opens up the book by reciting the words “I have decided to follow Jesus.” Leonard Sweet has a great way of writing. Its very encouraging but at the same time its very convicting. He challenges heart issues and perspectives. I love the phrase he says about reading scripture, “We will always fail to find the way if we just read the Bible without letting it read us”. I love that. I highly recommend this read. Great information and great challenging insight. This book will inspire any believer in their thinking


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